Everything Starts With Me

Have you ever sat and thought about how certain situations that happened in your life? The terrible things that made you not only question yourself but God? Sometimes we do not realize that we hold more power on how new friendships and relationships flow. Everything starts with you sis! You set the vibe on your entire life. Here's a list below of how to start moving towards your very own path your way. 

1: Have good intentions 

2: Be Clear and very specific about what you want.

3: Let things Flow

4: Do not start anything thinking about the past, be open.

5: Stay True to you! Never let circumstances or anyone change who you are. You're perfect 

6: Get rid of baggage! That ish is not sexy. Let go and face yourself and all of your flaws. 

7: Cut off family and friends who you know in your soul are not divine people and do not fit you or deep down do not love you. 

8: Be by yourself, go on walks and talk to God ( that's your bestfriend). 

9: Go to the lakes or the beach and just breath! Get some stretches and breathing exercises in. 

10: Go outside or stay home and recite out loud " I am a Queen, I am worthy enough, I’m loving and a compassionate woman who holds my head up high and as I fix my crown, I fix other's crowns, I do not judge, gossip, or make fun of any other woman nor man. I am everything".

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