Full Moon Ritual Celebration

Happy Friday the 13th Goddesses! The Full moon has arrived and now it's time to celebrate. Full moons is the time for us to release and make space to receive. Setting intentions and manifestations is needed for your path in life. The Moon's gravitational pull on the Earth is the strongest when the moon is full and the light of the sun illuminates the moon. The energy and light help you see things in powerful ways and set plans for moving forward. Moon ceremonies/celebrations are not hard at all nor cost a ton! You can do it with your soul seeking bff's or solo. *Quick tip: we suggest sitting on the floor in a circle. Be present in the moment and keep an open mind to what what the full moon reveals to you.You'll need paper, pens, crystals (optional) , sage or palo santo, tarot cards or angel cards (optional) , an open mind and heart (required). 

Full Moon Ceremony Steps:

  1. Set up a sacred space: light candles, play soothing music (Doja Cat: Morning Light, Jean Deaux: Higher Me are some D.V.I'S favs to listen to while doing rituals) & clear the energy with sage or palo santo

  2. Meditate for 5 minutes or however long you'd like to mediate ( allow yourself to open up and embrace that energy).

  3. Write down a list of anything in your life that is no longer serving you that you want to release. 

  4. On a second sheet of paper, write down a list of your desires (what you want to call into your life)

  5. Read the first list aloud to the full moon as you visualize what you wish to let go of floating away

  6. Now that you’ve made space, read the second list out loud to the moon as you set your intention to be open to your desires coming into your life & visualize the new actions you’re going to take

  7. Close by reading cards, talking to the higher power, yourself, the moon or taking a salt bath. Have fun with it! Feel free to adapt this full moon ritual based on your needs and intuition. This should be a joyful, cleansing experience!

Afterward, notice how you feel and remember to never look back and move forward from energy and souls that are no longer in your space. 

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