Manifestation Prayer

Self Love is more than you think! It requires extreme discipline and courage to change. Manifesting your dreams into reality is very important. What you think you can achieve and the words you say as well as your energy plays a huge role in your life. Prayer is very power and your ancestors will guide you as you pray and walk in your path. We don't necessarily believe in money rituals and prayers ( anything that's materialistic doesn't last but your spirit will ). Recite " As I pray that your presence shall be evident in every aspect of my life, I pray that you walk with me and fight any battles I may face, I pray that my family and friends are safe and healthy and execute their goals and dreams, I pray that you cover anyone with pure intentions, I thank you for giving me life, I thank you for seeing my heart and loving me for me. I pray that you keep loving me so I can show others how to love and be patient, I pray that if my voice is heard I'll tell the world about you in my own way, I thank you for being so forgiving because you have showed me how to forgive, I manifest that I continue to walk with grace with my head held high with respect in honor for using me as a vessel. I manifest that you remove any evil and egos, I manifest that no human shall idolize anything, I manifest that you touch lives that feel like they cannot connect with you". You can close with Amen or Ashe with Whatever spirit/diety you connect with.

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