Sensuality Ritual

Are you ready to embrace your power and sensual side? Our sensual ritual will take you deeper into the relationship with your body. It's okay to love what is not perfect because that's what makes us amazing. Be free and rebel against our society and dive deep into your soul. Here's some steps to embrace your sensual side below: 

Take some time out of your day where you are alone and some where peaceful, light a candle and stand in front of a mirror. Undress slowly infront of the mirror ( while undressing call out the names that limit you from feeling sexy that you are ready to release ). Say goodbye to feeling fat, ugly, skinny, flabby thighs, back fat, etc while throwing or dropping your clothes on the floor, continue until you are naked. Play music in that makes you feel good and uplifts your spirit! Nothing sad about peeling back layers to embrace your inner-self! Shedding old energies can be very intense. Now as you stand naked infront if the mirror, welcome in the new perception of yourself. ( Say outloud: I am beautiful, gracious, sleek, sexy, and feminine). Do not put on the old clothes you had on please wash them and put on new ones with new energy. Afterwards journal your experience and how you felt shedding your clothes and embracing yourself in the mirror.

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