Flower Bomb

Do you know how sweet and delicate your vagina is? No seriously, do you? As women we must take care of the one thing that brings life into this world and protect our womb by any means necessary. For decades and probably centuries women have been misinformed and uneducated about their own body parts and how powerful they are. Knowing that you don't need over the counter medications and prescriptions will free tons of women from mood swings and vaginal problems. One thing many people in today's society should know that the doctor is not always right! Misdiagnosis can take place which is why it's so important to be spiritually in-tuned with yourself and finding natural remedies that work for you. During teenage years and early 20's the female body experience a variety of changes that includes: menstrual cycles, puberty, weight gain or weight loss, development in private areas, acne, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and more. Although we have mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and female cousin's we are still unaware and not taught how to take care of ourselves and our very own vagina through the different stages of womanhood like we have been taught and conditioned to believe in religions and how women should act but not equally instilling in young girls and women how to keep and maintain a happy and healthy vagina. 

Home work for D.V.I'S Goddesses: For one month only drink water and get rid of junk food, ask your grandmother or older women in your family about any vagina problems they've experienced and what are their suggestions so you won't have to experience many, get a personal mirror and diary dedicated to your vagina and observe and write down how your flower feels.