Power To The P

Being a woman is a gift, honor and respect  your flower bomb ( vagina ) and womb. Becoming whole can be difficult but embrace your past and all of your mistakes and move forward. Have full control of your power and know that it's not for every man especially if he does not honor and respect himself or his devine masculinity. For 5 years Diamond Valentine, ( owner of D.V.I ) abstained from all sexual activity while growing spiritually. When you think with you mind and not your heart you will be more aware of a persons intentions with you. Be more than a fling and having sex with the intentions that a person will love you or like you more must stop! Someone who loves you and like you will want more than sexual pleasures, there's other intimate activities/exchanges that makes a bond between woman and man that does not involve sex. No matter how attractive or resources a person may have, respect yourself to know that you are worth more! 


1: No sex for 3 months

2: Be silent and listen to everyone around you ( you will learn and be more aware of ppl actions and intentions)

3.Date yourself! Get dressed up and take yourself out on a romantic date. 

4. Find new hobbies and activities that make you uncomfortable. 

5. Eliminate what does not value you even if it's habbits that you do that harm you from growth and development.