Self- Love Ritual

Self love can be draining at times, but the more you open yourself up to feel every emotion and release any pain/trauma you have the easier it becomes. No doubt about it self love is actually very hard in the beginning  because you're uncomfortable with digging deep and getting dirty. Self love rituals are much needed for you to be able to heal and to become your true self. Supplies needed for your self love rituals are: 


2. Rose Quartz crystals 

3. Bath supplies ( salts, candles, essential oils, special soaps. 

4. Spring or Alkaline water infused with fresh lemon peels, zinger, raw honey, and fresh peppermint. ( optional) 

5. Tarot/ Oracle deck ( optional) 


Before your ritual, pick out the perfect gift for yourself. Select wrapping paper that you fall in love with and wrap your gift with love and care. 


Make sure your space is clean and it feels open and inviting to you. You can do your self love ritual anywhere you want in your home. Light candles and incense while taking deep breaths ( please make sure to leave whatever experience you had outside of your home out there! Do not carry on the energy you've been in contact with entering your home.) to allow yourself to get comfortable and be present in the moment. 


Begin your ritual by writting your current thoughts and feelings. Have a real deep conversation with yourself and reflect about how you're doing and where you want to be.

How have you been feeling? 

 How have things been going? 

What do I want to manifest? 

What am I ready to heal? 

Why are you still attatched to trauma? 

What ways can you bring on self love? ( make a list and do them starting the same day, remember to always keep it real with yourself and you have to do the work not anyone else)


After journaling take a five minute breathing exercise to calm your nerves. After breathing exercise, stand in front of a mirror ( you can sit, stand, whatever floats your boat) while looking in the mirror gaze at yourself and tell yourself everything. Be open and honest tell the truth even if you get emotional keep going. Be soft with yourself and chant how much you love yourself, how much you mean to yourself, how much you love the higher power and your ancestors. The human race is very connected and as individuals we feel everything especially when we're connected through blood. After gazing in the mirror turn on any song that instantly puts you in a great mood( let it be light! No toxic degrading music) dance! dance! dance! 

11111. RITUAL BATH: 

Run a hot bath and add whatever you love the most! Lemon peels, pink Himalayan salt, fresh flowers, clear quartz crystals, and oils. While you bath recite scriptures from the holy bible to remove all evils and thank the higher power for loving your true self. You can burn your sage and write in your journal while bathing. After bath do a smiling exercise. Yes! Smile and record yourself saying your daily affirmations and why you love yourself.